Feedback Surveys Among Staff A Great Way To Propel Company Forward

upward feedback surveys

Every year it has been the same thing. Too many surveys have been done, you have lost count of the number. They may not have been counted because perhaps they were simply inconsequential. Of no value to the company’s growth as it turned out. But of course, qualified surveys are still necessary. It is just a matter of taking the right course of action. It is a matter of the correct how, when and why. Direct action is required too.

As it turns out, your staff could be the best arbiters of what lies ahead for you in the next quarter. The use of upward feedback surveys is just such a tool. It requires the participation of your staff who will be expertly conducted by a team of qualified surveyors and analysts. They are also immersed in research work. Once all survey data has been collated, they will be buried in the work in measuring the results of the staff happiness barometer.

If staff are happy, you might be doing something right. But as a business owner then you may argue, surely not. Doesn’t the buck always stop here and who are they to decide. Let the survey course teach you how effective decisions are being made every day. The final decision still gets made by you, of course. But it is the culmination of weeks of roundtable discussions over the course of a quarter.

Your staff are the window to your company. Enroll the services of a research and survey company to help you implement more active engagement from your staff. You may be the boss but you also need them to be reassured that they have nothing to fear when opening their minds and hearts to you.